Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Three perfects, in fact. Now, we can't take all the credit; the award was for the home, after all. But we did do our part - a complete build out of the lawn and landscape.

We documented our work with before and after pictures here. Below are some supplemental photos of the finished product taken in just the last few days.

First, views from the rear:

Note the tall, stately Nellie R. Stevens along the back. These are from our Iles Farm.

 And here are the views from the front.

There you have it - the Gold Winner of a recent Parade of Homes competition. 'Perfect' seems a bit of an understatement. Congratulations again to our customer!

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Nice Neighborhood

A very nice neighborhood, indeed! But you should have seen it when we got there. Here is this same view almost two months ago:

Our crews were on this project from start to finish, from front to side to back of this beautiful property! Here is a round up of before and after pictures.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

A Recent Project - Landscape & Hardscape!

We finished this work a couple of months ago. It involved almost everything we do, clean up, installations, and hardscape.  Above is a picture of the brick patio we installed.

The look and feel of this patio is enhanced by the herring bone pattern and varied colors and sizes of the bricks we used.
We ringed this patio with stone columns and walls.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We give a lot of season specific advice. But a season is a discrete bit of time, and our yards and gardens are there all year 'round. What can be done without regard to the clock or calendar? Here is some timeless advice we have given over the years on various topics.

Pruning is a a year round activity that can fill your empty days :):) Here is a pruning calendar we posted in July of last year.

Mulch in the summer, mulch in the winter, it doesn't matter, keep mulching! Here we advise on the benefits of summer mulching, and here is a link that deals in part with the winter benefits you can get from that same bag of mulch!

Water is the stuff of life, and an irrigation system brings that stuff to your garden anytime it's needed.  Here are tips on irrigation from a newspaper article that quoted extensively from our own Robert Neville.

Niche space is that odd corner of your house or yard that you're not sure what to do with. But a niche can be an opportunity, n'est ce pas? Here is a little reminder to keep your eyes open for eccentric areas that can be filled with interesting designs.

Get in the zone! Your Plant Hardiness Zone, that is. This is helpful information published by the USDA which specifies what will thrive and grow in your geographic area.

Gardening can be 24/7 - if you extend your garden into and beyond the twilight hours. Here is a post from 2010 wherein we talk up night gardening, and a more recent link about shade specific plants.

Monday, February 4, 2013

While You Were Sleeping

As you slept recently, it snowed. And that put Ben's Creek Nursery's crews on the road in the dead of night to insure our customers' properties were cleared of icy danger before morning. (Update: we've located photos of this same customer from the 2009-2010 snow, and appended them to the end of this post).

When we got there, here's what our guys were confronted with:

A bit of night work begins.....
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