Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fall Gardens

The first day of Autumn is tomorrow. This is the season that traditionally closes out the garden year, but that doesn't mean it is a mere afterthought. It is also the prelude to the next garden year, when all sorts of cleanup, changes, alterations, and additions can be implemented while the weather is cool and plant growth is slowing in preparation for winter dormancy.

This is where Ben's Creek Nursery's Installation and Design Services can be invaluable. Above is our latest flyer, which reminds of all the Fall services we can help with.

We can provide a professional landscape plan ....

  ... show you a virtual rendition of a proposed slope planting project ...

... or install a patio fireplace to enjoy the cool evenings at the Lake.

And more! Call us today for a FREE evaluation and proposal for your yard and gardens.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Drones-Eye Video

Courtesy of Austin Harvey, the numero uno son of Keith Harvey, we have this video of our guys in action on a project. Some of you will recognize the property wherein we transplanted some large trees from our Nursery. But Austin hopped on his drone like Harry Potter on a broomstick - figuratively speaking, of course - and got us this birds-eye view of our crews pushing lots of earth around the property, and building porches and walkways and other sundry landscaping amenities.

He also added some appropriate music which nicely captures the mood of the day. Great work, Austin! Hopefully, we can get him to come back and take an 'after' video of the finished product.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Patio Work

Our recent brick paver patio work (here) was so well-received, the neighbors wanted one too. Our crews were happy to oblige.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Another Quality Project

As the sign says .....

This job (posted here in-progress) involved about everything we do except irrigation: landscaping, new seed and sod, installation of trees and plants, retaining walls, grading, hardscape pavers, and planting beds.
Before    &     After
As usual, our crews finished this job with their typical flourish and attention to detail.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Days

This first day of Summer (June 21) finds our crews revamping the front of a customer's home with a walkway and handicap ramp, driveway improvements, and the installation of new plant material, seed, and sod.
Note especially the handicap ramp. Most ramps are belated add-on's, oddly juxtaposed against the existing architecture. But this ramp rises fluidly to the front stoop, forming a graceful arc by the side planting bed. Great work guys!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Quick Fix

Apparently someone missed the drive-thru by a wide margin. Well, no job too big or too small, as the saying goes - especially when the job is emergency turf repair for one of our existing customers.

Now, it's like it never happened - thanks, of course, to the expert work of our crews.