Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's Not Rocket Science!

Well, in certain respects lawn and landscape work is like rocket science. Proper yard design and the care and nurture of lawns, plants, flowers, and shrubs certainly requires a good bit of education and experience. Even basic clean up and mulching benefits from expertise and an eye for design.

But in many cases, lawn and landscape work is simply....hard work.

Here are some pictures which illustrate this point. The 'before' photos show that this was a very nice yard on the lake, with some attractive design elements - pathways, some island and foundation plantings, all leading down to the lake. We did some plantings, but for the most part, we simply supplied fresh mulch, pruning, general clean up - and lots of hard work. The result, I think, is to make a good yard better.

First, the 'Before'

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Free Stuff!

Free is rare these days. But Ben's Creek Nursery gives something away for free all the time - an assessment of your yard and garden by our own Robert Neville.
Do you have ideas for new plants or designs but are unsure how to implement your vision? Robert Neville has over 20 years of experience in lawn maintenance, landscape design, and installation. He regularly meets with people - for free! - and walks their yards, offering assessments and advice on maintenance, improvements, and other options. Most of these visits do not produce paying customers; but that's okay. Bread upon the waters and all that .... and anyway, Robert simply likes to do it.
One of the things Robert does is take pictures of the properties he surveys. So herewith are pictures of various properties Robert has visited this last month.  Some we've been hired on, some not, but take a look and consider: what would you do to improve these properties?

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