Monday, March 14, 2016

Consider the Ant and Be Wise

Last Friday week we had a bit of winter weather, some snow and slush mixed with rain. But promptly on Saturday, the ants emerged. They are smart little guys; they know when Spring has sprung, and were not fooled by a dying gasp of winter. The seasons have turned and they are ready to get on with it.

As is Ben's Creek Nursery. Along with our normal maintenance work, March begins some particular services suitable to the season, beginning with fertilization.

Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium are the primary nutrients that feed your lawn and Easter is a prime time to apply fertilizer for most of our customers. But different grasses, sun coverage, and other factors require that an application of fertilizer be tailored to the actual conditions on the ground. Rest assured that our crews have the training and expertise to fertilize your turf safely and appropriately.

Another service peculiar to March is the application of preemergents.

Preemergents are weed control applications that are applied before the weeds actually show themselves. They work by preventing germination of the weed seeds, usually by inhibiting the production of an enzyme, and will not harm or damage your lawn or gardens. March is a prime time to apply preemergents, and our crews will be hard at work as the month proceeds.

We also offer additional services in March. For instance, mulch:

There's never not a time to mulch, but after a long, cold winter, mulch is especially in need of revitalization to perform its valuable functions: providing a clear, clean yardscape look, capturing moisture where it can do the most good, and protecting young plant life, newly emerging from winter dormancy.

And then there is the annual arrival of the ubiquitous mosquito:

Due in part to the continuing wet weather, once the temperature rises for a few days, mosquitoes will hatch from their winter dormancy and start doing what mosquitoes do. Ben's Creek Nursery is fully licensed and our crews are trained and ready, so call us today for an assessment and recommendation on what can be done now to keep the pesky ones from taking over your outdoors.

March Maintenance Services, on display