Friday, March 31, 2017

Room to Grow

Now that Spring is springing, your plants need room to grow. And that's one of the reasons our crews are actively engaged around the Lake pruning everything they can. Pruning eliminates dead or waste material, but also clears valuable space for new growth.

This customer had some beautiful stately crape myrtles lining the driveway entrance, and also at strategic locations around the house. As you can see, our guys pruned them all back to about 8 feet, which will produce a uniform plant presentation when the growth hits.

 We also installed plant beds and fresh mulch, as well as some new sod.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Poolside Evergreen Screenage

Some of you may remember this property from December of 2015 when we installed a patio and firepit. Well, our guys have now returned to install some additional screenage and other amenities.

Nothing says serene like giant evergreen screenage around a poolside patio. Across the rear of this pool you see large Cryptomeria ...

... and Nellie R. Stevens Hollies.

Opposite the Nellies our guys are in the process of adding - what else? - Green Giants, the Arborvitaes we told you about here.

Notice the staggered placement. This is to give these plants room to grow to their mature height and width. But these Green Giants are fast growers and will quickly fill these gaps with a lush screenage.

Our crews were also into pruning, building stone walkways, and spreading fresh mulch around this beautiful yard.

These two seem especially pleased with the new mulch.

Did we say serene? Idyllic might be a better term for this wonderful property. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


To recap, our guys have been building a patio/walkway complex the last few weeks, beginning with a virtual plan developed in conjunction with the customer. Here is what we have posted on this project thus far:

Virtual Patio v. Real Patio
And here is the finished product, which included not only the patio/walkways, but also some new planting beds, sod, and pine straw. Needless to say, our crews went heavy on the 'wow!' factor:

We turned over a lot of dirt and clay in building the patio and walkway....

... so as part of our project, we graded and reseeded the yard.

And while we were at it, our crews established some new planting beds and laid sod.

Friday, March 3, 2017

March, A Prelude to Spring

March begins the stirrings of Spring, and nothing is more immediately prescient of Spring than our Star and Saucer Magnolias and Bradford Pears. Respectively white and pink, the magolias' blossoms always seem to be first at foretelling the change in the air, and the Bradford Pears are not far behind.