Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome to the Islands!

Many of the properties we manage have small islands of plantings, accents to the larger landscape, each with its own unique design depending on the tastes and preferences of the owners. Herewith some photos of islands, some simple, some ornate, but all of them interesting - at least for landscape wonks like us!

So, grab an umbrella drink and come to the islands!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ferraris Sold Separately!

Here is a customer that we love to work with! We handle the maintenance of this beautiful property. Recently, they hosted a meeting of the national Ferrari Club, and the guests-to-be were people of very discriminating taste.  So it was important that the grounds be in impeccable shape for the gathering.

We were glad to help, and equally glad to receive some photos of the event from our customer.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crape Myrtles!

An admission: I have a thing for tall, stately Crape Myrtles, either as singles or in small groups.

Crape Myrtles are well known, of course, for their brightly colored flowers. But for me it's the synergy between the trunks and the canopy that is most striking.

The strong, multiple trunks of a large Crape usually have their own distinctive coloration and patterns, which are attractive enough by themselves. But it is the way the trunks rise and separate, in a kind of prequel to the spreading of the larger canopy, that provides the real benefit. Rightly placed, Crape Myrtles seem to draw the eye upwards, and then out into a larger view over the whole landscape.

Herewith some recent landscapes that show a wise use of Crape Myrtles.

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