Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Maintenance

Installation and other project-type work is good, but we are particularly fond of our recurring customers. These are the people who have hired us on an annual monthly maintenance contract.

A year's contract takes a great deal of faith, which we strive hard to repay with extreme diligence and care by everyone involved - from the newly hired laborer right up to the experienced supervisors and the boss himself, Robert Neville.

We feel that each customer should receive a yard and garden kept and maintained in the manner to which they have become accustomed - and that it is our job to accustom them to the highest standards! As a result, we are constantly chasing a rising bar of expectations, a challenge we relish.

Herewith a roundup of photos of yards and gardens around the Lake that we are maintaining on a monthly basis:

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July Garden Tips

The gardening section of helpfully tells us:
... there's no definitive list of gardening chores for the July garden.
Apparently, the problem is that July occupies that netherworld of the calendar, on the cusp between the exuberant growth of Spring and the dog days of August. So, if you are going to intervene in the natural cycles of your plants and lawn in July, you must pay heed to the particular circumstances that confront you. In other words, in July, general rules of gardening should give way to the specific conditions of your yard and gardens.

Not least because we run the risk of hurting more than we are helping, as we cautioned against here.

Nevertheless, amidst all this uncertainty, provides a helpful list of chores to keep you busy in the summer heat.

Read the whole thing. As for me, I favor this heat-healthy suggestion:
... sit back and enjoy your garden and all the efforts you put in earlier in the year to get it where it is now.